Heinrich Otto Wieland

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Heinrich Otto Wieland
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Heinrich Otto Wieland
Born 4 Juin 1877(1877-06-04)
Pforzheim, Baden, Germany
Died 5 August 1957(1957-08-05) (aged 80)
Starnberg, Bavarie, Wast Germany
Naitionality Germany
Alma mater Varsity o Munich
Kent for Bile acids research
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry

Technical Varsity o Munich 1913-21,

University of Freiburg 1921-25,
Varsity o Munich 1925-
Doctoral advisor Johannes Thiele
Doctoral students Rolf Huisgen,
Leopold Horner

Heinrich Otto Wieland (4 Juin 1877 – 5 August 1957) wis a German chemist. He won the 1927 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research intae the bile acids.[1][2]

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