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Hector brocht back tae Troy. Frae a Roman sarcophagus o c. 180–200 AD.

In Greek meethologie, Hector (Ἕκτωρ Hektōr, pronounced [héktɔːr]) wis a Trojan prince an the greatest fechter for Troy in the Trojan War. As the first-born son o Keeng Priam an Queen Hecuba, wha wis a descendant o Dardanus an Tros, the foonder o Troy,[1] he wis a prince o the ryal hoose an the heir apparent tae his faither's throne. He wis mairied tae Andromache, wi whom he haed an infant son, Scamandrius (whom the fowk o Troy cried Astyanax). He actit as leader o the Trojans an thair allies in the defence o Troy, "killin 31,000 Greek fechters", offers Hyginus.[2] During the European Middle Ages, Hector figurs as ane o the Nine Worthies notit bi Jacques de Longuyon, kent nae anly for his courage but an aa for his noble an coortly naitur. Indeed, Homer places Hector as peace-lovin, thochtfu as well as bauld, a guid son, husband an faither, an withoot darker motives. James Redfield writes o Hector as a "martyr tae lyalties, a witness tae the things o this warld, a hero ready tae die for the precious imperfections o ordinary life."[3]

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