He Kexin

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He Kexin
He Kexin.jpg
Personal information
Full nameHe Kexin (何可欣)
Born (1992-01-01) 1 Januar 1992 (age 28)
Beijing, Cheenae
Hicht152 cm (5 ft 0 in)
Kintra Cheenae
He Kexin
This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is He.

He Kexin (born Januar 1, 1992 [1] in Beijing, Cheenae accordin tae offeecial records) is a Cheenese artistic gymnast. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing she won twa gowd medals on the uneven bars (her specialty) an as a memmer o the Cheenese Artistic Gymnastics team. In 2008, she won twa Warld Cup titles on the uneven bars. On the bars she wis ane o the few gymnasts in the warld tae score ower 17.00 unner the 2005–2008 Code o Pynts. Wi an A-score o 7.7 in 2008, she haed ane o the haichest difficulty scores in the warld in this event, alang wi Yang Yilin, Nastia Liukin an aw wi 0.1 difficulty less nor Beth Tweddle.[2][3] As wi several o her teammates, questions war raised in the internaitional press when earlier reports surfaced indicating she mey nae hae been auld enough tae compete in the 2008 Olympics; houiver, an offeecial investigation foond in her favor.[3] She continued her success in post-Beijing Olympics period, she holds the record for the haichest obtained difficulty in the entire Lunnon period. In 2010 Warld Champion's women team final aw-aroond, she scored 16.133 wi 7.4 difficulty which is the haichest score ever achieved in the Lunnon Olympics period (atween 2009 an 2012).

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