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Hatra ruins.jpg
The ruins o Hatra circa 1988
Hatra is locatit in Iraq
Shawn within Iraq
Location Hatra Destrict, Ninawa Govrenorate, Iraq
Region Mesopotamie
Coordinates 35°35′17″N 42°43′6″E / 35.58806°N 42.71833°E / 35.58806; 42.71833Coordinates: 35°35′17″N 42°43′6″E / 35.58806°N 42.71833°E / 35.58806; 42.71833
Foondit 3rd or 2nt century BC
Abandoned 241 AD
Site notes
Condeetion "Leveled" (status undetermined)
Public access Inaccessible (in a war zone)
Offeecial name Hatra
Teep Cultural
Criteria ii, iii, iv, vi
Designatit 1985 (9t session)
Reference no. 277
Region Arab States

Hatra (Arabic: الحضرal-Ḥaḍr) wis an ancient ceety in the Ninawa Govrenorate an al-Jazira region o Iraq. It wis destroyed bi ISIS.