Hartlepool Nuclear Pouer Station

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Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
Hartlepool Power Station - geograph.org.uk - 832048.jpg
Hartlepool nuclear power station
Viewed from the west in May 2008
KintraEngland, United Kingdom
Coordinates54°38′6″N 1°10′51″W / 54.63500°N 1.18083°W / 54.63500; -1.18083Coordinates: 54°38′6″N 1°10′51″W / 54.63500°N 1.18083°W / 54.63500; -1.18083
Construction began1969
Commission date1 August 1983
Decommission date2024 (expected)
Ainer(s)Central Electricity Generating Board
Nuclear Electric
British Energy
EDF Energy
Pouer generation
Units operational2 x 660 MW
Mak an modelGeneral Electric Company
Nameplate capacity1,320 MW
Annual generation4,600 GWh

Hartlepool nuclear pouer station is a nuclear pouer station situated on the northern bank o the mouth o the River Tees, 2.5 mile (4.0 km) sooth o Hartlepool in County Durham, North East Ingland. The station has a net electrical output o 1,190 megawatts, which is 2% of Great Breetain's peak electricity demand of 60 GW.

Electricity is produced through the use o two Advanced Gas-cuiled Reactors (AGR). Hartlepool was only the third nuclear pouer station in the Unitit Kinrick tae use AGR technology. Hartlepool pouer station was also the first nuclear pouer station tae be built close tae a major urban area.

Originally planned in 1967, wi construction startin in 1969, the station started generatin electricity in 1983, and was completed in 1985, initially bein operated bi the Central Electricity Generating Board. With privatisation o the UK's electricity supply industry in 1990, the station has been awned bi Nuclear Electric an British Energy, but is now awned an operated bi EDF Energy. On 18 October 2010 the Breetish govrenment announced that Hartlepool was one o the echt sites it considered suitable for future nuclear pouer stations [1] but it was not on the final list o six.

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