Harold Urey

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Harold Clayton Urey
Harold Urey
Born29 Apryle 1893(1893-04-29)
Walkerton, Indiana
Died5 Januar 1981(1981-01-05) (aged 87)
La Jolla, Californie
NaitionalityUnitit States
Alma materEarlham College
University of Montana
University of California, Berkeley
Kent fordiscovery o deuterium
Miller–Urey experiment
Urey–Bradley force field
AwairdsNobel Prize for Chemistry (1934)
Willard Gibbs Award (1934)
Davy Medal (1940)
Franklin Medal (1943)
Medal for Merit (1946)
Fellae o the Ryal Society (1947)
J. Lawrence Smith Medal (1962)
Naitional Medal o Science (1964)
Gowd Medal o the Ryal Astronomical Society (1966)
Priestley Medal (1973)
V. M. Goldschmidt Awaird (1975)
Scientific career
FieldsPheesical chemistry
InstitutionsVarsity o Copenhagen
Johns Hopkins Varsity
Columbia Varsity
Institute for Nuclear Studies
Varsity o Chicago
Varsity o Californie, San Diego
Doctoral advisorGilbert N. Lewis
Doctoral studentsStanley Miller
Harmon Craig
Mildred Cohn
SignaturHarold Urey signature.svg

Harold Clayton Urey (Aprile 29, 1893 – Januar 5, 1981) wis an American pheesical chemist whase pioneerin wirk on isotopes earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934 for the discovery o deuterium. He played a signeeficant role in the development o the atom bomb, but mey be maist prominent for his contreibution tae theories on the development o organic life frae non-livin matter.[1]

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