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ہڑپّہ(in Urdu)
View of Granary and Great Hall on Mound F.JPG
A view o Harappa's Granary an Great Hall
Harappa is locatit in Punjab, Pakistan
Shawn within Punjab, Pakistan
Harappa is locatit in Pakistan
Harappa (Pakistan)
Location Sahiwal Destrict, Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 30°37′44″N 72°51′50″E / 30.62889°N 72.86389°E / 30.62889; 72.86389Coordinates: 30°37′44″N 72°51′50″E / 30.62889°N 72.86389°E / 30.62889; 72.86389
Teep Settlement
Aurie 150 ha (370 acres)
Periods Harappa 1 tae Harappa 5
Culturs Indus Valley Ceevilisation
Site notes
Condeetion Ruined
Ainership  Pakistan
Public access Yes
Wabsteid www.harappa.com

Harappa (prron [ɦəɽəppaː]; Urdu/Punjabi: ہڑپّہ) is an airchaeological steid in Punjab, Pakistan, aboot 24 km (15 mi) wast o Sahiwal.