Harald Fairhair

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Harald Fairhair
Flateyjarbok Haraldr Halfdan.jpg
Harald Fairhair, in an illustration frae the 14t century Flateyjarbók.
Keeng o Norawa
Ring 872–930
Successor Eric I
Born c. 850
Dee'd c. 932
Rogaland, Norawa
Buirial Haugesund
Spouse Ragnhild Eriksdotter
Åsa Håkonsdotter
Issue Eric I o Norawa
Haakon I o Norawa
Full name
Haraldr Hálfdanarson
Dynasty Fairhair dynasty
Faither Halfdan the Black
Mither Ragnhild (Haraldsdotter or Sigurdsdotter?)
Releegion Norse releegion

Harald Fairhair (Auld Norse: Haraldr Hárfagri, Norse: Harald Hårfagre; c. 850 – c. 932) wis remembered bi medieval historians as the first Keeng o Norawa. Accordin tae tradeetions current in Norawa an Iceland in the twelft an thirteent centuries, he reigned frae c. 872 tae 930.