Hans Spemann

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Hans Spemann
Born27 Juin 1869(1869-06-27)
Stuttgart, Kinrick o Württemberg
Dee'd9 September 1941(1941-09-09) (aged 72)
Freiburg, Germany
Kent forEmbryonic induction an the Organiser
AwairdsNobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicin (1935)
Scientific career

Hans Spemann (27 Juin 1869 – 9 September 1941) wis a German embryologist wha wis awairdit a Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicin in 1935 for his discovery o the effect nou kent as embryonic induction, an influence, exercised bi various pairts o the embryo, that directs the development o groups o cells intae pairteecular tissues an organs.