Hame Secretar

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Unitit Kingdom
Secretar o State for the
Hame Depairtment
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Amber Rudd

since 13 Julie 2016
Hame Office
Style The Richt Honourable
(Formal prefix)
Hame Secretar
Member o Breetish Cabinet
Privy Cooncil
Naitional Security Cooncil
Reports tae The Prime Meenister
Seat Wastmeenster, Lunnon
Appynter The Breetish Monarch
on advice o the Prime Meenister
Term length No fixed term
Inaugural holder William Petty, 2nt Earl o Shelburne
Furmation 27 Mairch 1782
Wabsteid www.gov.uk

Her Majesty's Principal Secretar o State for the Hame Depairtment (Hame Secretar) is a senior offeecial as ane o the Great Offices o State within Her Majesty's Govrenment an heid o the Hame Office.