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Hamburger on a roll wi French fries
CoorseMain course
Place o oreeginUncertain (Germany or Unitit States)
Creautit biMultiple claims (see text)
Servin temperaturHot
Main ingredientsGrund meat, breid
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A hamburger or burger (cheeseburger when servit wi a slice o cheese) is a sandwich consistin o ane or mair ceukit patties o grund meat, uisually beef, placed inside a sliced breid roll or bun. Hamburgers mey be ceukit in a variety o weys, includin pan fryin, barbecuin, an flame broilin. Hamburgers are aften servit wi cheese, lettuce, tomato, baucon, ingan, pickles, chiles an condiments sic as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, an "special sauce".[1]

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