Halyruid Pailace

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Pailace o Halyruidhoose
Holyroodhouse, front view.jpg
Palace front wi the aibey ruins an 16t-century north-wast touer on the left. The rest dates frae the 17t century. The forecoort funtain on the faur richt is a Victorian addeetion.
Halyruid Pailace is locatit in Edinburgh
Halyruid Pailace
Location in Edinburgh, Scotland
General information
LocationRyal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland
Coordinates55°57′09″N 3°10′21″W / 55.95250°N 3.17250°W / 55.95250; -3.17250Coordinates: 55°57′09″N 3°10′21″W / 55.95250°N 3.17250°W / 55.95250; -3.17250

The Pailace o Halyruidhoose, commonly referred tae as Halyruid Pailace, is the offeecial residence o the Breetish monarch in Scotland. Locatit at the bottom o the Ryal Mile in Edinburgh, at the opposite end tae Edinburgh Castle, Halyruid Palace haes served as the preencipal residence o the Keengs an Queens o Scots syne the 16t century, an is a settin for state occasions an offeecial enterteenin.

Queen Elizabeth spends ane week in residence at Halyruid Pailace at the beginnin o ilk simmer, whaur she cairies oot a range o offeecial engagements an ceremonies. The 16t-century Historic Apairtments o Mary, Queen o Scots an the State Apairtments, uised for offeecial an state enterteenin, are appen tae the public ootthrou the year, except whan members o the Ryal Faimily are in residence.