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Halych Raion

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Halych Raion

Галицький район
Kintra Ukraine
RegionIvano-Frankivsk Oblast
Admeen. centreHalych
 • GovrenorVasyl Kruk
 • Total723 km2 (279 sq mi)
 • Total65,640
 • Density91/km2 (240/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
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The Halych Raion (Ukrainian: Галицький район) is a raion (destrict) o the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (province) in Ukraine.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

A mockup o ance a prominent European caipital.
Ruins o the Halych Castle near veelage o Krylos.

The Halych Raion wis organisit on 20 Januar 1940 suin efter the Soviet invasion o Poland roughly frae the Rohatyn an Stanisławów powiats o Stanisławów Voivodship. Frae 1944 tae 1962 the admeenistrative centre wis locatit in the urbinisit-dounset o Burshtyn. In 1963 the territory o Bilshivtsi Raion (1940–1963) wis brocht unner Halych admeenistration. In 1993 Burshtyn receivit back its ceety status which it lost in 1942.

The current admeenistrative center, the ceety o Halych, haes a lang history. Prior tae the mid-13t hunderyear it wis the centre o the ance prominent Halych-Volyn Principality. In 1241 the ceety o Halych wis destroyed durin the Mongol invasion tharefore the state caipital wis transferred tae Kholm bi the Keeng Danylo Halytsky, while the destroyed Halych wi the surroondin dounset wis left as the bishop residence. Aroond this period the aurie wis unner series o conflicts involvin the struggle atween the Ruthenian factions as well as Kinrick o Poland, Kinrick o Hungary, Grand Duchy o Lithuanie, an Gowden Horde. In the 13t century the Halych Principality as pairt o the Ruthenian (Rus) Kinrick stretched frae Peremyshl tae Podolia, frae Mukacheve tae Terebovl, an frae Busk tae the Soothren Bukovinae.

Bi the end o the 13t hunderyear the Kinrick went intae a hivy conflict wi Lithuanie, Poland, an Hungary wi pairtial successes an failurs. Upon the daih o Lev I o Galicie the whole Kinrick went intae decline due tae a ceevil war. In 1323 the faw o the Pols-Ruthenie coalition against the Lithuanies the local boyars instawed Boleslaw-Yuri II o Galicie. That muive anerly strained the Ruthenie-Pols relationships which efter short conflict endit the sovereignty o the Ruthenie Kinrick an the Halych Principality wis annexed tae the Kinrick o Poland in 1349. The pairtition o the Ruthenie Kinrick ensued the Galicie–Volhynie Wars as baith Lithuanie an Pols states focht for thair expansion east. The new toun o Halych wis suin re-established in close proximity tae the bishop's residence, receivin its Magdeburg Richts in 1367. Later its new castle wis biggit sometime in the 16t hunderyear. Bi this time the aurie o the modren Halych Raion lost its importance an the toun o Halych haes acome as ony ither smaw Pols touns.

Accordin tae the declaration o the Cabinet o Meenisters o Ukraine o 8 Februar 1994 an the Presidential Order o 11 October 1994 in place o the auld Halych (near the veelage o Krylos) wis creatit the Naitional preserve Auncient Halych. The preserve includes numerous kirks, a seestem o defence structurs, an various ither historical airtifacts o the auncient Ruthenie caipital.

Admeenistrative organization[eedit | eedit soorce]

Halych is the admeenistrative centre o the raion. The raion contains twa ceeties o raion subordination meanin that baith municipal cooncils o Halych an Burshtyn hae equal pouer amang ilk ither. The Halych Raion is the anerly raion in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast that haes twa ceeties while thare are some raions that dae no even hae a single ane.

The raion haes a single urbanisit dounset o Bilshivtsi that wis established in 1940 efter the annexation o the umwhile Pols territory tae the Soviet Union. The veelage o Slobidka Bilshivetska subordinatit directly tae that toun.

The rest o the dounsets are landwart an amoont tae 68 that are arrangit intae 38 landwart municipalities (or communes for disambiguation purpose) that are govrened bi landwart cooncils.

  • Blyudnyky (Hannivtsi, Kurypiv, Pukasivtsi, Temyrivtsi)
  • Bovshiv
  • Bryn
  • Vysochanka
  • Viktoriv
  • Deliyeve (Byshiv)
  • Demeshkivtsi (Nimshyn, Poplavnyky, Prydnistrovia)
  • Demianiv
  • Dytyatyn (Naberezhne, Khokhoniv)
  • Dorohiv (Kolodiiv)
  • Dubivtsi
  • Zhalybory
  • Zadnistryanske
  • Zalukva (Shevchenkove)
  • Kinashiv
  • Kinchaky (Kremydiv, Ozertse, Sadky)
  • Komariv (Sokil)
  • Korostovychi (Kuropatnyky)
  • Krylos
  • Kukilnyky (Zahiria-Kukilnytske)
  • Kuriv
  • Lany
  • Mariyampil (Vodnyky)
  • Medynya
  • Medukha (Voronytsia)
  • Mezhyhirtsi
  • Nahraivka
  • Nastashyne (Kunychi)
  • Novi Skomorokhy (Stari Skomorokhy, Pidshumlyantsi)
  • Ozeryany (Sloboda)
  • Pelivtsi (Subotiv, Ostriv)
  • Podillya
  • Sapohiv
  • Stary Martyniv (Rizdvyany)
  • Tenetnyky (Novy Martyniv)
  • Tumyr
  • Tustan
  • Yabluniv

The population o the whole raion is 65,640 wi anerly 23,842 considered tae be livin in urban auries.

The major river that flows throu the raion is Dniester River. Thare is "Burshtyn Loch" an aw, aroond which are locatit fower dounsets Korostovychi, Bovshiv, Demianiv, an Burshtyn.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Chimneys o Burshtyn coal-fired pouer station

The Raion is locatit in the north o the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. It borders wi Tysmenytsia Raion in the sooth, Kalush Raion tae the wast, north o it thare is Rohatyn Raion, an east o the Halych Raion lays Ternopil Oblast.

The major watter supply for the raion is providit bi the Dniester River. Thare is an aw locatit a Burshtyn Loch that whiles referred tae as a sea. Richt next tae the loch is locatit the Burshtyn TES.

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