Halifax Explosion

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Halifax Explosion
Taw clood o smeuk risin ower the watter
A view o the pyrocumulus clood
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canadae
Date6 December 1917
9:04:35 (AST)
Daiths2,000 (estimate) (1,950 confirmed)
Non-fatal injures
9,000 (approximate)

The Halifax Explosion wis a maritime disaster in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadae, on the morning o 6 December 1917. SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship laden wi heich explosives, collidit wi the Norse veshel SS Imo in the Narraes, a strait connectin the upper Halifax Harbour tae Bedford Basin. A fire on buird the French ship ignitit her cargo, causin a lairge explosion that devastatit the Richmond destrict o Halifax. Approximately 2,000 fowk war killed bi blast, debris, fires or collapsed biggins, an an estimated 9,000 ithers war injured.[1]

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Coordinates: 44°40′09″N 63°35′47″W / 44.66917°N 63.59639°W / 44.66917; -63.59639