Haimer thraw

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Haimer thraw
John Flanagan.jpg
Erse-born American John Flanagan in the haimer thraw competeetion at the Simmer Olympics 1908 in Lunnon
Men's records
WarldSoviet Union Yuriy Sedykh 86.74 m (1986)
OlympicSoviet Union Sergey Litvinov 84.80 m (1988)
Weemen's records
WarldPoland Anita Włodarczyk 82.98 m (2016)
OlympicPoland Anita Włodarczyk 82.29 m (2016)

The haimer thraw is ane o the fower thrawin events in regular track an field competeetions, alang wi the discus thraw, shot put an javelin.