Hagåtña, Guam

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Agana / Agaña
Skyline view o modren Hagåtña as seen frae Fort Apugan, which owerleuks the toun
Modren Hagåtña as seen Fort Santa Agueda
Location o Hagåtña (Agana) athin the Territory o Guam
Location o Hagåtña (Agana) athin the Territory o Guam
Coordinates: 13°28′45″N 144°45′00″E / 13.47917°N 144.75000°E / 13.47917; 144.75000
KintraUnitit States
 • MayorJohn A. Cruz
 • Total3 km2 (1 sq mi)
 (2000 [1])
 • Total1,100
Time zoneUTC+10 (ChST)
ZIP codes
96910, 96932 (PO Box)
Area code(s)671

Hagåtña (pronoonced [həˈɡɑtɲə][1]), umwhile Inglis Agana /əˈɡɑːnjə/ an in Spaingie Agaña, is the caipital o the Unitit States territory o Guam. It is the island's seicont smawest veelage in baith aurie an population. Frae the 18t through mid 20t century, it wis Guam's population center. The day, it remains ane o the island's major commercial destricts in addeetion tae bein the seat o govrenment.

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