HM 16

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HM 16 120 mm Mortar
Popular Mobilization Forces 5.jpg
Place o oreeginIran
Service history
Uised biIran
Production history
ManufacturerDefense Industries Organization
Wecht138.5 kg
Baurel lenth1726 mm

Calibre120 mm
Elevation45° to 85°
Rate o fire10 rounds per minute
Maximum firin range7200 m

The AMIG HM 16 Hadid is an Iranian unlicensed copy of the Israeli Soltam K6 120 mm mortar.[1] It is manufactured bi the Ammuneetion & Metallurgie Industries Group, pairt of Iran's Defence Industries Organisation. It is a smoothbore and baurel-loadin mortar with 360° field of firing and can be taken apairt and carried by infantry.[2]

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120mm HM-16

Under the "Hadid" line, Iran also produces 60 mm and 81 mm mortars.[1]

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