HM 12

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HM 12 60mm Mortar
IRGC Ground Force Commandos in Pictures-35.jpg
Place o oreeginIran
Service history
Uised biIran
WarsSirian Ceevil War
Iraqi Ceevil War
Production history
ManufacturerDefence Industries Organisation
Wecht6,5 kg
Baurel lenth677mm

Calibre60 mm
Elevation45° to 85°
Rate o fire20 round per minute
Maximum firin range1050m

The HM 12 Fateh (or Hadid) is an Iranian 60mm[1] mortar manufactured bi the Ammuneetion & Metallurgie Industries Group,[2] pairt of Iran's Defence Industries Organisation.[3][4] It is an unlicensed copy of Israel's Soltam 60 mm mortar.[5][6] It is generally operatit bi twa fowk but in urgent cases it can be operatit bi ane as weel.[7][8][9][10]

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Vehicle mounted

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