HMS Dasher (D37)

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HMS Dasher.jpg
HMS Dasher (note that this eemage appears tae be reversed: the brig shoud be on the starnbuird side whan seen frae astern, an this photae is taken frae the bow.)
Unitit Kinrick
Name: HMS Dasher
Ordered: C3-P&C
Bigger: Sun Shipbuilding
Laid doun: 14 Mairch 1940
Launched: 12 Apryle 1941
Commissioned: 2 Julie 1942
Renamed: built as Rio de Janeiro, renamed Dasher 2 Julie 1942
Fate: Sunk bi internal explosion 27 Mairch 1943
General chairacteristics
Cless an teep: Avenger-cless escort cairier
Displacement: 8,200 tons
Lenth: 492.25 ft (150.04 m)
Beam: 66.25 ft (20.19 m)
Draucht: 23.25 ft (7.09 m)
Speed: 16.5 kn (19.0 mph; 30.6 km/h)
Complement: 555
Aircraft carried: 15
Aviation facilities:
  • Hangar 190 ft (58 m) x 47 ft (14 m)
  • one42 feet (13 m) x 34 feet (10 m) lifts
  • 9 arrestor wires

HMS Dasher (D37) wis a Breetish Royal Navy aircraft cairier, o the Avenger cless – convertit merchant veshels – an ane o the shortest leeved escort cairiers.