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Hong Jian (Reid Arrow) - 9
HJ-9 mounted on WZ550.jpg
A HJ-9 missile system mounted on a WZ550 4x4 vehicle.
Teep anti-tank and air-tae-surface missiles
Place o oreegin Cheenae
Service history
In service 1990s to present
Production history
Manufacturer Norinco
Produced Since 1990s
Wecht 37 kg
Lenth 1200 mm
Diameter 152 mm
Warheid Tandem HEAT warhead, 1100-1200 mm penetration RHAe
Contact fuse

Ingine rocket motor
Propellant solid fuel
100 – 5500 meters[1]
laser-beam-riding & MMW radar
Air & ground

The Hong Jian-9 (Cheenese: 红箭-9; pinyin: Hóng Jiàn-9; leeterally: "Reid Arrow-9") is an advanced, third-generation anti-tank missile seestem deployed bi the Fowk's Liberation Airmy.

The missile wis developed bi Cheenae North Industries Corporation (Norinco), an ane o the chief designers wis Yang Chunming (杨春铭). It is seemilar in appearance tae the Israeli MAPATS (man portable anti-tank seestem), causin speculation aboot the link atween the twa missiles. It is an aa seemilar tae the South African ZT3 Ingwe anti-tank missile. Lik the MAPATS an ZT3, the HJ-9 is guided bi laser beam riding.

The HJ-9 haes a maximum range o 5.5 km (3.4 mi), an a minimum range o 100 m (110 yd). Claimed armour penetration is 1,200mm, which is greater than that o the HJ-8. The missile mey be fitted wi heich-explosive or thermal effect warheads for uise against non-armored pynt targets, bunkers an fortifications. Lik the HJ-8, the HJ-9 utilizes a disposable container/launching tube, but the ane for HJ-9 is heavier, weighing 37 kg (82 lb) acause HJ-9 is lairger than HJ-8. The diameter o the HJ-9 is 152 mm (6.0 in) an the missile is compatible wi a variety o thermal imaging sights.

In 2005, Norinco revealed in various public events that anither version o HJ-9, the HJ-9A wis already in service wi Cheenese airmed forces, an this version uised semi-active millimetre wave radar guidance. Houaniver, anly photos o HJ-9A in service wi Cheenese paratroops war shawn tae the public. In thir photos, the HJ-9A launcher is mounted on a jeep, an Norinco claimed the launcher on vehicles coud be rapidly dismounted for fit soldiers.

Norinco an aa revealed a further-developed advanced version o the HJ-9A, designated HJ-9B.[2]

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