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Reverse side o a HD DVD
Media teepHeich-density optical disc
EncodinVC-1, H.264, an MPEG-2
Capacity15 GB (single layer)
30 GB (dual layer)
Read mechanism405 nm laser:
1× @ 36 Mbit/s & 2× @ 72 Mbit/s
Developed biDVD Forum
UisageData storage, 1080p heich-defineetion video
Extendit fraeDVD-Video

HD DVD (short for Heich-Defineetion/Density DVD) is a discontinued heich-density optical disc format for storin data an heich-defineetion video.[1] Supportit principally bi Toshiba, HD DVD wis enveesioned tae be the successor tae the staundart DVD format. In Februar 2008, efter a protractit format war wi rival Blu-ray Disc, Toshiba abandoned the format, annooncin it na langer developed or manufactured HD DVD players or drives.[1] The HD DVD physical disc specifications (but nae the codecs) wur still in uise as the basis for the Cheenae Blue Heich-defineetion Disc (CBHD) formerly cried CH-DVD. The HD DVD Promotion Group wis dissolved on Mairch 28, 2008.[2]

Acause aw variants except 3× DVD an HD REC employed a blue laser wi a shorter wavelength, HD DVD stored aboot 3.2 times as much data per layer as its predecessor (maximum capacity: 15 GB per layer instead o 4.7 GB per layer).

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