H. G. Wells

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H. G. Wells
H.G. Wells by Beresford.jpg
Photograph bi George Charles Beresford, 1920
Born Herbert George Wells
21 September 1866(1866-09-21)
Bromley, Kent, Ingland
Died 13 August 1946(1946-08-13) (aged 79)
Regent's Park, Lunnon, Ingland
Restin place Cremated
Occupation Novelist, teacher, historian, journalist
Alma mater Ryal College o Science (Imperial College Lunnon)
Genres Science feection (notably social science feection), social realism
Subjects Warld history, progress
Notable wirk(s)
Spoose(s) Isabel Mary Wells
(1891–1894, divorced)
Amy Catherine Robbins (1895–1927, her daith)
Childer George Phillip "G. P." Wells (1901–1985)
Frank Richard Wells (1903–1982)
Anna-Jane Kennard (1909-2010[1][2])
Anthony West (1914–1987)

Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946), kent primarily as H. G. Wells,[3][4] wis a prolific Inglis writer in mony genres, includin the novelle, history, politics, an social commentar, an textbeuks an rules for war gemmes.

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