Hôtel de Toulouse

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Hôtel de Toulouse, headquarters o the Banque de France

The Hôtel de Toulouse wis former Hôtel de La Vrillière is located at 1 rue de La Vrillière, in the 1st arrondissement o Paris. It wis built atween 1635 an 1640 by François Mansart, for Louis Phélypeaux, Seigneur o La Vrillière. In 1712, Louis Alexandre de Bourbon, Coont o Toulouse (son o Louis XIV o Fraunce an Madame de Montespan) acquired the Hôtel de La Vrillière an commissioned Robert de Cotte, Premier Architecte du Roi, to redesign it and bring important transformations tae its interior.

After the daith o Toulouse in 1737, the Hôtel became the Parisian residence o his son, Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke o Penthièvre, an the birthplace o the latter's dochter, Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon. The princesse de Lamballe, who wis the Duke o Penthièvre's widowed dochter-in-law, also resided there until the French Revolution.

during the Revolution. In an imperial decree signed bi Napoleon I on 6 Mairch 1808, authorised the sale o the Hôtel de Toulouse tae the Banque de France, which made it its official seat in 1811.

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