Hôtel de Soubise

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The Hôtel de Soubise is a Hôtels particulier (muckle tounhoose) in Paris that wis the residence o the Prince o Soubise.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

On March 27, 1700, François de Rohan, Prince o Soubise bought the Hôtel de Clisson, lately de Guise, and asked the architect Pierre-Alexis Delamair tae remodel it completely. Works started in 1704. His wife Anne de Rohan-Chabot, ane time mistress o Louis XIV (their affair is thocht tae hae funded the purchase o the biggin) died here in 1709.

Hercule Mériadec de Rohan, Prince o Soubise (son o François) wis responsible for some interior décor at the Hôtel de Soubise engaging Germain Boffrand in the process. This dates frae the 1730s. Improvements were made to celebrate the mairiage o Hercule Mériadec tae Marie Sophie de Courcillon, granddochter o the famous marquis de Dangeau.

It wis the home o Louis XV's friend Charles de Rohan, Prince o Soubise; his dochter, Charlotte, future Princess o Condé wis born here in 1737 as wis the Princess o Guéméné in 1743. Since 1808, this residence has been the property o the State.

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