Héraclius de Gramont, Duke o Gramont

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Héraclius de Gramont
Duke o Gramont
The Duke o Gramont bi François Gérard.
Full name
Antoine Héraclius Agénor de Gramont
Born17 Julie 1789
Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd3 March 1855 (aged 66)
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Anna Quintina Albertine Grimod
Agenor, Duke o Gramont
Alfred, Coont o Gramont
FaitherAntoine Louis de Gramont
MitherAglaé de Polignac
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Blason Antoine II de Gramont-Touloujon (1572-1644).svg

Héraclius de Gramont, Duke o Gramont (Antoine Geneviève Héraclius Agénor; 17 Julie 1789 – 3 Mairch 1855) wis a French nobleman an the 9t Duke o Gramont, Duke o Guiche, Prince o Bidache. He wis aa an Airmy general an coortier. He wis a gradson o Yolande de Polastron, the lady-in-waiting an friend o Marie Antoinette.He wis aa an Aide-de-camp tae Louis Antoine d'Artois, Duke o Angoulême.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He married Anna-Quintina-Albertine Grimod, Coontess o Orsay (19 Juin 1802 - 2 Januar 1882) in Paris on 23 Julie 1818. They haed four childer.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Antoine Alfred Agénor de Gramont, 10t Duke o Gramont (14 August 1819 - 17 Januar 1880) mairit Emma Mary Mackinnon an haed childer.
  2. Antoine Philibert Léon Auguste de Gramont, Duke o Lesparre (1 Julie 1820 - 4 September 1877)
  3. Antonia Albertine Corisande de Gramont (12 Julie 1821 - 5 October 1826)
  4. Antoine Alfred Annérius Théophile, Coont o Gramont (2 Juin 1823 - 18 December 1881) mairit Louise Cécile Charlotte de Choiseul an haed childer.