György Lukács

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György Lukács
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Georg Bernhard Lukács von Szegedin
Born 13 April 1885
Budapest, Austrick-Hungary
Died 4 Juin 1971(1971-06-04) (aged 86)
Budapest, Hungary
Alma mater Ryal Hungarian Varsity o Budapest
Varsity o Berlin
Ryal Hungarian Varsity o Kolozsvár (J.D., 1906)
Varsity o Budapest (Ph.D., 1909)[1]
Awairds Template:Order of the Red Banner[2]
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
Schuil Neo-Kantianism (early)[3]
Wastren Marxism (late)
Main interests
Poleetical filosophy, social theory, politics, leeterary theory, aesthetics
Notable ideas
reification, class consciousness, transcendental homelessness, the genre of tragedy as an ethical category[4]

György Lukács (Hungarian: [ˌɟørɟ ˈlukaːtʃ]; (or Georg Lukács) 13 Aprile 1885 – 4 Juin 1971) wis a Hungarian Marxist filosofer, aesthetician, leeterary historian, an creetic.

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