Guy Fawkes

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Gunpouder Plot
Guy Fawkes
Black-an-white drawin
George Cruikshank's illustration o Guy Fawkes, published in William Harrison Ainsworth's 1840 novelle
ParentsEdward Fawkes, Edith (née Blake or Jackson)
Born13 Apryle 1570 (presumed)
York, Ingland
Alias(es)Guido Fawkes, John Johnson
OccupationSodger; Alférez
Enleetit20 Mey 1604
Capturt5 November 1605
Conviction(s)Heich traison
PenaltyHangit, drawn an quartert
Died31 Januar 1606 (aged 35)
Wastmeenster, Lunnon, Ingland

Guy Fawkes (13 Aprile 1570 – 31 Januar 1606),[lower-alpha 1] an aa kent as Guido Fawkes, the name he adoptit while fichtin for the Spaingie, wis a member o a group o provincial Inglis Catholics that planned the failed Gunpouder Plot o 1605.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Dates in this airticle afore 14 September 1752 are gien in the Julian calendar. The beginnin o the year is treatit as 1 Januar even thou it begoud in Ingland on 25 Mairch.