Gustav Kirchhoff

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Gustav Kirchhoff
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Gustav Kirchhoff
Born Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
12 Mairch 1824(1824-03-12)
Königsberg, Kinrick o Proushie
(present-day Roushie)
Died 17 October 1887(1887-10-17) (aged 63)
Berlin, Proushie, German Empire
(present-day Germany)
Residence Proushie/German Empire
Naitionality Proushie
Alma mater Varsity o Königsberg
Kent for Kirchhoff's circuit laws
Kirchhoff's law o thermal radiation
Kirchhoff's laws o spectroscopy
Kirchhoff's law o thermochemistry
Awairds Rumford medal (1862)
Davy Medal (1877)
Matteucci Medal (1877)
Janssen Medal (1887)
Scientific career
Fields Physics
Institutions Varsity o Berlin
Varsity o Breslau
Varsity o Heidelberg
Doctoral advisor Franz Ernst Neumann
Otto Hesse
Notable students Loránd Eötvös
Gabriel Lippmann[1]
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev
Max Planck
Jules Piccard
Max Noether
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
Ernst Schröder

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff (12 March 1824 – 17 October 1887) wis a German pheesicist who contreibutit tae the fundamental unnerstaundin o electrical circuits, spectroscopy, an the emission o black-body radiation bi heatit objects.

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