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Gustaf Dalén
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Born Nils Gustaf Dalén
30 November 1869(1869-11-30)
Stenstorp, Swaden
Died 9 December 1937(1937-12-09) (aged 68)
Lidingö, Stockholm, Swaden
Naitionality Swadish
Alma mater Chalmers Varsity o Technology, Polytechnikum, Zürich
Kent for Sun valve an ither lichthoose regulators
Awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1912)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics, mechanical ingineerin
Institutions AGA

Nils Gustaf Dalén (30 November 1869 – 9 December 1937) wis a Swadish Nobel Laureate an industrialist, the foonder o the AGA company an inventor o the AGA cuiker an the Dalén licht. In 1912 he wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Pheesics for his "invention o automatic regulators for uise in conjunction wi gas accumulators for illuminatin lichthooses an buoys".