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TypeBeer; dry stout
Kintra o originIreland

Guinness (pronoonced /ˈɡɪnɪs/) is a popular dry stout that originatit in Arthur Guinness' first brewery in Leixlip, Co. Kildare but it then muived tae its present hame at St. Jamies's Gat in Dublin, Ireland. The beer is foondit on the porter style frae Lonnon in the early 18t century. It is ane o the maist successfu beer brands in the warld, bein exportit warldwide. The distinctive featur in the flavour is the roosted bairley whilk steys unfermentit. For monie year a portion o the beer wis eildit tae gie a shairp lactic flavour, but Guinness winna say gin this yet occurs. The thick reamy heid is the result o the beer bein kirned wi nitrogen whan bein served. It is extremely faur ben wi the Irish an, in spite o a decline in consumption owre recent years, is the best-sellin alcoholic drink ae aw time in Ireland, whar Guinness & Co. maks ney €2 billion annually.