Guancheng Destrict, Dongguan

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Guancheng Destrict
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Chinese 莞城区
 • Pinyin Guǎnchéng Qū
Kintra Cheenae
Province Guangdong
Prefectur Dongguan
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Guancheng Destrict (Cheenese: 莞城区; pinyin: Guǎnchéng Qū) is a destrict o Guangdong Province, Cheenae. It is unner the admeenistration o Dongguan ceety. Its aurie is 13.5 km square an hae a residential population o 230,000, athin which 152,000 are new Dongguanese. It is the auld poleetical an cultural centre o Dongguan, afore the govrenment muivit frae here tae the new centre Nancheng Destrict.

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