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The nest o the Peruvian booby is made o awmaist pure guanae.

Guanae (via Spanish, ultimately frae the Quechua wanu) is the accumulatit excrement o seabirds, seals, or cave-dwellin baukies.[1] As a manur, guanae is a heichly effective fertiliser due tae its exceptionally heich content o nitrogen, phosphate an potassium: nutrients essential for plant growth. The 19t-century guanae trade played a pivotal role in the development o modren input-intensive fermin practices an inspired the formal human colonisation o remote bird islands in mony pairts o the warld. During the twentiet century, guanae-producin birds acame an important tairget o conservation programmes an influenced the development o environmental consciousness. The day, guanae is increasinly soucht efter bi organic fermers.[2]

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