Gruoch o Scotland

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Queen o Alba
SpouseGille Coemgáin, Mormaer o Moray
Macbeth, Keeng o Alba
IssueLulach, Keeng o Alba
FaitherBoite mac Cináeda

Gruoch ingen Boite (fl. 1020–1054) wis a Scots queen, the dauchter o Boite mac Cináeda, son o Cináed III.[1] She is maist famous for bein the wife an queen o MacBethad mac Findlaích (Macbeth). The dates o her life are nae certaintly kent.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. It is nae entirely certaint that the Cináed faither o Boite wis Cináed mac Duib raither than Kenneth II. Baith possibilities are admittit bi Duncan, p. 345, table A, awtho maist soorces, e.g. Woolf, favour Cináed mac Duib.
Precedit bi
Queen consort o Alba
c. 1040 – 1057
Succeedit bi
Ingibiorg Finnsdottir