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Group caiptain is a senior commissioned rank in mony air forces. Group caiptain haes a NATO rank code o OF-5, meanin that it ranks abuin wing commander, immediately belaw air commodore an is the equivalent o the naval rank o caiptain an the rank o colonel in ither services.

Whilk the rank oreeginatit in the Breetish Ryal Air Force (RAF),[1] group caiptain is a rank uised bi the air forces o mony Commonweel an ither kintras that hae been influencit bi Breetish militar cultur. It is sometimes uised as the Inglis translation o equivalent rank in kintras which hae a nan-Inglis air force-specific rank structur.

It is usually abbreviatit Gp Capt. In some air forces (such as the RAF, IAF an PAF), GPCAPT is uised whilk in ithers (such as the RAAF an RNZAF) an sometimes, especially in historical contexts, as G/C. The rank o group captain is no correctly abbreviatit as "caiptain".

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