Greta Garbo

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Greta Garbo
Garbo in Inspiration (1931)
BornGreta Lovisa Gustafsson
18 September 1905(1905-09-18)
Stockholm, Swaden
Dee'd15 Apryle 1990(1990-04-15) (aged 84)
New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Restin place
Skogskyrkogården Cemetery,
Stockholm, Swaden
Years active1920–1941
PawrentsAnna Lovisa
Karl Alfred Gustafsson

Greta Garbo (born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson (Swadish pronunciation: [ˈgre:ˈta lʊˈvi:ˈsa ˈgɵstafˈsɔn] 18 September 1905 – 15 Aprile 1990) wis a Swadish film actress an an internaitional starn an icon during Hollywood's silent an clessic periods.

Garbo launched her career wi a seicontar role in the 1924 Swadish film The Saga of Gösta Berling. Her performance caucht the attention o Louis B. Mayer, chief executive o Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), that brocht her tae Hollywood in 1925. She steered interest wi her first American seelent film, Torrent (1926). Garbo’s performance in Flesh and the Devil (1927), her third movie, made her an internaitional star.[1]

Garbo's first talkin film was Anna Christie (1930). MGM mercaters enteeced the public wi the tagline "Garbo talks!" That same year, she starned in Romance. For her performances in thir films, she received the first o three Academy Awaird nominations for best actress. Academy rules at the time alloued for a performer tae receive a single nomination for his or her wark in mair nor ane film.[2] In 1932, her success alloued her tae dictate the terms o her contract, an she becam increasingly selective aboot her roles. She conteena'd in films sic as Mata Hari (1931), Grand Hotel (1932), an Queen Christina (1933). Mony creetics an film historians conseeder her performance as the doomed coortesan Marguerite Gautier in Camille (1936) tae be her finest. The role gained her a seicont Academy Awaird nomination. Houiver, Garbo's career suin declined an she wis ane o the mony starns labeled "box office poison" in 1938. Her career revived upon her turn tae comedy in Ninotchka (1939) that earned her a third Academy Awaird nomination, but efter the failyie o Two-Faced Woman (1941), she reteert frae the screen, at the age o 35, efter actin in 28 films.

Efter reteerin, Garbo declined aw opportunities tae return to the screen. Shunnin publicity, she led a preevat life. Garbo wis an airt collector that's collection, includin warks frae Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pierre Bonnard, an Kees van Dongen,[3] wis worth millions o dollars whan she dee'd.

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