Grenfell Tour fire

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Grenfell Tour fire
Grenfell Tower fire (wider view).jpg
The burnin Grenfell Tour, picturt at 04:43 BST, 14 Juin 2017
Grenfell Tour fire is locatit in Ryal Burgh o Kensington an Chelsea
Grenfell Tour
Grenfell Tour
Grenfell Tour fire (Ryal Burgh o Kensington an Chelsea)
Grenfell Tour fire is locatit in Greater Lunnon
Grenfell Tour fire
Grenfell Tour fire (Greater Lunnon)
Grenfell Tour fire is locatit in the Unitit Kinrick
Grenfell Tour fire
Grenfell Tour fire (the Unitit Kinrick)
Date14 Juin 2017 (2017-06-14)
Time00:54 BST (first emergency caw)
Duration24 oors (unner control)
Ower 60 oors (fully extinguished)
LocationGrenfell Tour, Lancaster West Estate, North Kensington, Lunnon, Ingland
Coordinates51°30′50″N 0°12′57″W / 51.5140°N 0.2158°W / 51.5140; -0.2158Coordinates: 51°30′50″N 0°12′57″W / 51.5140°N 0.2158°W / 51.5140; -0.2158
TQ 238 808
TeepStructur fire
CauseElectrical fault in a refrigerator; spreid o fire lairgely exacerbatit bi flammable exterior claddin on the biggin[1]
  • Govrenment taskforce takin ower pairts o the RBKC cooncil function
  • Urgent fire saufty tests on claddin frae seemilar tours
  • Independent review o biggin regulations an fire saufty commissioned
  • £200 Million pledged frae Govrenment tae replace seemilar claddin in ither residential tours in Ingland
Non-fatal injuries74 hospitalised
Property damage£200 million – £1 billion (estimatit)[2]
InquiriesPublic inquiry hearins appent 14 September 2017
InquestAppen for aw 72 veectims; pendin polis investigation an public inquiry

The Grenfell Tour fire stairtit shortly afore 1 a.m. local time on 14 Juin 2017, at the 24-storey[3][4] Grenfell Tower, a block o flats on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington, wastren Lunnon, Ingland.[3]

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