Gregory o Nazianzus

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Saint Gregory o Nazianzus
Gregor-Chora (cropped).jpg
Icon o St. Gregory the Theologian
Fresco frae Kariye Camii, Istanbul, Turkey
Theologian, Doctor o the Kirk, Great Hierarch, Cappadocian Faither, Ecumenical Teacher
BornAD 329
Arianzum, Cappadocia
Dee'd25 Januar 390
Arianzum, Cappadocia
Veneratit inEastren Orthodox Kirk
Oriental Orthodoxy
Roman Catholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Major shrinePatriarchal Cathedral o St. George in the Fanar
FeastEastren Orthodox Kirk: Januar 25 (primary feast day)
Januar 30 (Three Great Hierarchs)
Roman Catholic Kirk: Januar 2 (c. 1500–1969 May 9)
Anglican Communion: Januar 2
Episcopal Kirk Mey 9
Lutheran Kirk: Januar 10 (LCMS); Juin 14 (ELCA)
AttributesVestit as a bishop, wearin an omophorion; hauldin a Gospel Beuk or scroll. Iconografically, he is depictit as baldin wi a bushy white beard.

Gregory o Nazianzus (Greek: Γρηγόριος ὁ Ναζιανζηνός Grēgorios ho Nazianzēnos; c. 329[1] – 25 Januar 390[1][2]), kent as Gregory the Theologian or Gregory Nazianzen an aw, wis a 4t-century Airchbishop o Constantinople, an theologician. He is widely considered the maist accomplished rhetorical stylist o the patristic age.[3]:xxi As a clessically trained orator an philosopher he infused Hellenism intae the early kirk, establishin the paradigm o Byzantine theologians an kirk offeecials.[3]:xxiv

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