Greenland Sea

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Greenland Sea
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Teep Sea
Basin kintras Greenland, Iceland, Norawa
Surface aurie 1,205,000 km2 (465,300 sq mi)
Average deepth 1,444 m (4,738 ft)
Max. deepth 4,846 m (15,899 ft)
Watter vollum 1,747,250 km3 (419,000 cu mi)
References [1][2]

The Greenland Sea is a bouk o watter that borders Greenland tae the wast, the Svalbard airchipelago tae the east, Fram Strait an the Arctic Ocean tae the north, an the Norse Sea an Iceland tae the sooth.

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Coordinates: 76°N 8°W / 76°N 8°W / 76; -8