Greek Ceevil War

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Greek Ceevil War
Pairt o the Cauld War
Date30 Mairch 1946 – 16 October 1949
(3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days)
Result Hellenic Airmy victory

 Kinrick o Greece

 United Kingdom
 United States (efter 1947)

Greece Proveesional Democratic Govrenment

Template:Kintra data SR Macedonia NLF partisans

Supportit bi:

Socialist Federal Republic o Yugoslavie Yugoslavie
Bulgarie Bulgarie
Albanie Albanie
Commanders an leaders
Alexander Papagos
Konstantinos Ventiris
Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos
Unitit Kinrick Winston Churchill
Unitit Kinrick Ronald Scobie
Unitit States James Van Fleet
Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg Markos Vafiadis
Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg Nikolaos Zachariadis
At peak:
At peak:
26,000 (mid-1948)[2]
Tot: c.100,000 men an weemen served, o whom:
2,000–3,000 Pomaks
130–150 Cham Albanies[3]
Casualties an losses

Hellenic Airmy, Navy an Air Force, frae August 16, 1945 tae December 22, 1951:[4]
15,268 dead
37,255 woondit
3,843 missin
865 deserters Hellenic Gendarmerie, frae December 1, 1944 tae December 27, 1951:[5]
1,485 dead
3,143 woondit
159 missin.

Breetish Airmed Forces:
210 killed
1,000 woondit
733 missin
Hellenic Airmy claim: 38,839 killed
20,128 capturt
Tot: 158,000 killed[6][7][8][9]
1,000,000 temporarily relocatit during the war[10]

The Greek Ceevil War (Greek: ο Eμφύλιος [Πόλεμος] o Emfýlios [Pólemos], "the Ceevil [War]") wis focht frae 1946 tae 1949 atween the Greek govrenment airmy, backed bi the Unitit Kinrick an the Unitit States, an the Democratic Airmy o Greece (DSE), the militar branch o the Greek Communist Pairty (KKE), backed bi Yugoslavie an Albanie as well as Bulgarie. The result wis the defeat o the Communist insurgents bi the govrenment forces.[11]

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