Greater Los Angeles Aurie

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For the metropolitan aurie made up bi the population centers o Los Angeles an Orange Coonties (a smawer geographic region), see Los Angeles metropolitan aurie.
Greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside CSA
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Long Beach
Long Beach
Kintra United States o Americae
State Californie
Principal city Los Angeles
Ither major ceeties - Long Beach
 - Riverside
 - San Bernardino
 - Santa Ana
 - Anaheim
 - Irvine
 - Oxnard
 - Ontario
 - Glendale
 • Metro
87,490 km2 (33,954 sq mi)
0 – 3,505 m (0 – 11,499 ft)
 • Metropolitan region18,550,288
 • Density210.9/km2 (546.3/sq mi)
 Rankit 2nt in the US
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-7 (PDT)
Aurie code(s)213, 323 310, 424, 442, 562, 626, 657, 661, 714, 760, 805, 818, 909, 949, 951

The Greater Los Angeles Area is the seicont-largest urban region in the Unitit States, encompassin five coonties in Soothren Californie, extendin frae Ventura Coonty in the west to San Bernardino Coonty an Riverside Coonty on the east, wi Los Angeles Coonty an Orange Coonty in the center.

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Coordinates: 35°03′25″N 118°15′00″W / 35.0569°N 118.2500°W / 35.0569; -118.2500