Greater Houston

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Greater Houston Metro Aurie
Metropolitan Stateestical Aurie
The Woodlands
The Woodlands
Sugar Land
Sugar Land
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
State Texas
Principal ceeties
 • Urban 1,660.0 sq mi (4,299.4 km2)
 • Metro 10,062 sq mi (26,061 km2)
Heichest elevation 430 ft (131 m)
Lawest elevation 0 ft (0 m)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Density 630.3/sq mi (243.4/km2)
 • Urban 4,944,332(7t)
 • MSA 6,490,180 (5t)
 • CSA 6,508,323 (9t)
  MSA/CSA = 2010, Urban = 2010
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
 • Simmer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Interstates I-10.svg I-45.svg I-69.svg I-610.svg

Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land is a nine-coonty metropolitan aurie defined bi the Office of Management and Budget. It is locatit alang the Gulf Coast region in the U.S. state o Texas. The metropolitan aurie is colloquially referred tae as "Greater Houston" an is situatit in Sootheast Texas.

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