Greater Antilles

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Greater Antilles
Grandes Antilles (in French)
Antillas Mayores (in Spaingie)
Region o the Caribbean
Location within the Caribbean.
Location within the Caribbean.
Island States
 • Total 207,411 km2 (80,081 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Tot 37,582,088
 • Density 169.05/km2 (437.8/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Greater Antillean
Time zones EST: UTC-5/EDT: UTC-4

The Greater Antilles is a groupin o the lairger islands in the Caribbean Sea; Cuba, Hispaniola (conteenin Haiti an the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, Jamaica, an the Cayman Islands.

Coordinates: 21°59′N 79°02′W / 21.983°N 79.033°W / 21.983; -79.033