Great Zimbabwe

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Great Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe: Touer in the Great Enclosur.
Great Zimbabwe is locatit in Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe
Shawn within Zimbabwe
Location Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe
Coordinates 20°16′S 30°56′E / 20.267°S 30.933°E / -20.267; 30.933Coordinates: 20°16′S 30°56′E / 20.267°S 30.933°E / -20.267; 30.933
Teep Settlement
Pairt o Kinrick o Zimbabwe
Aurie 722 ha (1,780 acres)
Foondit 11t century
Abandoned 15t century
Periods Late Airn Age
Culturs Kinrick o Zimbabwe
Offeecial name Great Zimbabwe Naitional Monument
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, iii, vi
Designatit 1986 (10t session)
Reference no. 364
State Pairty Zimbabwe
Region Africae

Great Zimbabwe is a ruined ceety in the sooth-eastren hills o Zimbabwe near Loch Mutirikwe an the toun o Masvingo.