Great Pyramid o Cholula

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Great Pyramid o Cholula
Frae a distance the pyramid leuks lik a naitural hill tapped bi a kirk
Great Pyramid o Cholula is located in Mexico
Great Pyramid o Cholula
Location within Mexico the day
LocationCholula de RivadabiaPuebla Mexico
Coordinates19°03′27″N 98°18′07″W / 19.05750°N 98.30194°W / 19.05750; -98.30194
PeriodsClessic tae Postclessic
Site notes
Responsible body: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia

The Great Pyramid o Cholula, kent as Tlachihualtepetl (Nahuatl for "artificial mountain") an aw, is a huge complex locatit in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. It is the lairgest airchaeological steid o a pyramid (temple) in the New Warld.[1] The pyramid stand 55 metre (180 ft) abuin the surroondin plain,[2] an in its feenal shape it measured 400 bi 400 metre (1,300 bi 1,300 ft).[3] The pyramid is a temple that tradeetionally haes been viewed as haein been dedicatit tae the god Quetzalcoatl.[2] The architectural style o the biggin wis linkit closely tae that o Teotihuacan in the Valley o Mexico, awtho influence frae the Gulf Coast is evident, especially frae El Tajín an aw.[3]

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