Great Beir Loch

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Great Beir Loch
Great Bear Lake (de).png
LocationNorthwast Territories
Coordinates66°N 121°W / 66°N 121°W / 66; -121Coordinates: 66°N 121°W / 66°N 121°W / 66; -121
Primar ootflowsGreat Beir River
Catchment aurie114,717 km2 (44,292 sq mi)[1][2]
Basin kintrasCanadae
Surface aurie31,153 km2 (12,028 sq mi)[1][2]
Average deepth71.7 m (235 ft)[1][2]
Max. deepth446 m (1,463 ft)[1][2]
Watter vollum2,236 km3 (536 cu mi)[1][2]
Residence time124 years[1]
Shore lenth12,719 km (1,690 mi) (plus 824 km (512 mi) island shoreline)[1][2]
Surface elevation186 m (610 ft)
FrozenNovember - Julie[2]
Islands26 main islands, totalin 759.3 km2 (293.2 sq mi) in aurie[1]
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

The Great Bear Lake (Slavey: Sahtú /ˈsɑː.t/, French: Grand lac de l'Ours) is the lairgest loch entirely in Canadae (Loch Superior an Loch Huron straddlin the Canadae-US border are lairger), the fowert lairgest in North Americae, an the aicht lairgest in the warld.

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