Graphics Interchange Format

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.GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
Rotating earth (large).gif
A rotatin globe in GIF format. Posterization is noticeable in the blue gradient auries due tae the restrictit palette.
Filename extension .gif
Internet media type image/gif
Teep code GIF
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) com.compuserve.gif
Magic nummer GIF87a/GIF89a
Developit bi CompuServe
Teepe o format lossless bitmap image furmat

The Graphics Interchange Format (better kent bi its acronym GIF; /ˈɪf/ or /ˈɡɪf/) is a bitmap image format that wis introduced bi CompuServe in 1987[1] an haes syne come intae widespread uisage on the Warld Wide Web due tae its wide support an portability.

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