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Grape-kun starin up at a rock in his enclosure
SpeciesSpheniscus humboldti
Hatched16 Apryle 1996(1996-04-16)[1]
Hamura, Tokyo, Japan
Dee'd (aged 21) at Tobu Zoo[2]
Miyashiro, Saitama, Japan
AwnerTobu Zoo, Miyashiro, Saitama, Japan

Grape-kun (Japanese: グレープ君, Hepburn: Gurēpu-kun, 16 Apryle, 1996 – 12 October, 2017) wis a Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) at Tobu Zoo fund in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. His fondness tae a staunee o a chairacter frae the 2017 anime series Kemono Friends, Hululu, got hissel internaitional fame. Grape-kun stairtit tae hiv halth problems in early October 2017, an the zoo annooncit his deith on 12 October.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Grape-kun wis born at Hamura Zoo in Tokyo in 1996. He wis cried as that acause o the colour o the purpie ring pit on his wing fur identifeein; the wird "kun" is a Japanese honorific uised fur tawkin tae yunger males fur common. It is uisially uised fur male pets an aw. Alang wi his mate, Midori, he wis pit ower tae Tobu Zoo in 2007. Efter a decade-lang relationship, Midori later on left him fur a yunger penguin, an that led tae Grape-kun bein isolatit frae the other penguins.

Fondness tae anime chairacter staunee[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Apryle 2017, Tobu Zoo pit 60 staunees o characters frae the popular anime series Kemono Friends aboot the grunds tae attract veesitors.[3] The staunee pit in Grape-kun's enclosure, Hululu, wis an anthropomorphic Humboldt penguin.[4] Grape-kun wad stare at the staunee fur oors, g'in as faur as tae try an rax the staunee, thit wis pit on a heich rock. Zookeepers haed tae pit Grape-kun awa frae the staunee fur pairt o the day sae thit he wad eat. Media outlets descrived Grape-kun as havin fawen "in luve", an the zoo made a drink cried "Luvin Grape" descrived as a "perfect embodiment" o the penguin's relationship wi his luve.

Grape-kun's devotion tae the staunee gied him fame an a global fan base on the Internet.[3][4] Hululu's vyce actress, Ikuko Chikuta, veesited Grape-kun as pairt o an eddicational event on penguins. A festival honourin Grape-kun wis planned, but his halth stairtit tae douk in October. The zoo annooncit his deith on October 12. Zoo wirkers piut thegither a smaw shrine in his honor, an a guid twa three guests veesitit the penguin enclosure wi flouers.[2] Social media uisers paid tribute throu the hashtag #grapekun, an mony postit drawins o Grape-kun an Hululu. In Januar 2018, Tobu Zoo pit in a new staunee in the penguin enclosure, featurin Hululu an a drawin o Grape-kun staundin aside wan anither.[5]

Gallerie[eedit | eedit soorce]

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