Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna o Roushie

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Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna
Princess o Leiningen
Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia.JPG
Born2 Februar 1907(1907-02-02)
Coburg, Bavarie, Germany
Dee'd25 October 1951(1951-10-25) (aged 44)
Madrid, Spain
SpouseKarl, 6t Prince o Leiningen (m. 1925; d. 1946)
IssueEmich Kyrill, Prince o Leiningen
Prince Karl
Kira, Princess Andrej of Yugoslavie
Margarita, Princess o Hohenzollern
Princess Mechtilde, Mrs. Bauscher
Prince Friedrich Wilhelm
Prince Peter
Full name
Maria Kirillovna Romanova
FaitherGrand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich o Roushie
MitherPrincess Victoria Melita o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha

Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna o Roushie (2 Februar 1907 – 25 October 1951) wis the auldest dochter o Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich o Roushie an Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna. She wis born in Coburg when her parents war in exile acause thair mairiage haed nae been approved bi Tsar Nicholas II. She wis generally cried "Marie," the French version o her name, or bi the Roushie nickname "Masha." The faimily returned tae Roushie prior tae World War I, but wis forced tae flee follaein the [[Russian revolution. Maria wis raised in Coburg an in Saint-Briac, Fraunce. She wis born Princess Maria Kirillovna o Roushie, but her faither granted her the teetle Grand Duchess o Roushie wi the style Imperial Highness when he declared himsel Guardian o the Throne in 1921. As a bairn, she efter her maternal grandmither, Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna o Roushie

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 24 Februar 1925, she mairit Karl, 6t Prince o Leiningen.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Emich Kyrill, Prince o Leiningen (18 October 1926 – 30 October 1991) mairit Duchess Eilika o Oldenburg (dochter o Nicolas Frederick William, Hereditary Grand Duke o Oldenburg) an haed issue.
  2. Prince Karl o Leiningen (2 Januar 1928 – 28 September 1990) mairit Princess Marie Louise o Bulgarie an haed issue.
  3. Princess Kira o Leiningen (18 Julie 1930 – 24 September 2005) mairit Prince Andrew o Yugoslavie an haed issue.
  4. Princess Margarita o Leiningen (9 Mey 1932 – 16 Juin 1996) mairit Frederick William, Prince o Hohenzollern an haed issue.
  5. Princess Mechtilde o Leiningen (2 Januar 1936) mairit Karl Bauscher an haed issue.
  • Prince Friedrich o Leiningen (18 Juin 1938 – 29 August 1998) mairit Karin Göss. Remairit Helga Eschenbacher.
  1. Prince Peter o Leiningen (23 December 1942 – 12 Januar 1943)

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2 Februar 1907 24 Februar 1925 Her Highness Princess Maria Kirillovna o Roushie.
  • 24 Februar 1925 2 August 1946 Her Highness The Princess o Leiningen.
  • 2 August 1946 - 25 October 1951 Her Highness The Dowager Princess o Leiningen.