Graham Chapman

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Graham Chapman
Born Graham Arthur Chapman
8 Januar 1941(1941-01-08)
Leicester, Ingland
Died 4 October 1989(1989-10-04) (aged 48)
Maidstone, Kent, Ingland
Cause o daith
Tonsil an spinal cancer
Ither names Gray Chapman
Citizenship Breetish
Alma mater Emmanuel College, Cambridge
St Bartholomew's Medical College
  • Comedian
  • writer
  • actor
Years active 1960–1989
Kent for Ane o sax members o Monty Python
Pairtner(s) David Sherlock (1966–1989)

Graham Arthur Chapman (8 Januar 1941 – 4 October 1989) wis an Inglis comedian, writer, actor, author, an ane o the sax members o the Breetish surreal comedy group Monty Python.