Graeme Dey

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Graeme Dey

Minister for Transport, Graeme Dey (51190612299).jpg
Meenister for Transport
Meenister for Pairlamentar Business an Veterans
Assumed office
27 Juin 2018
First MeenisterNicola Sturgeon
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Angus Sooth
Assumed office
6 Mey 2011
Precedit binew constituency
Personal details
Born (1962-10-29) 29 October 1962 (age 59)
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots Naitional Pairty

Graeme James Dey (born 29 October 1962)[1] is a Scots politeecian.[2] Syne the May 2021 election, he wis Meenister for Transport.[3]

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